Podcasting Roundtable


Are you curious about podcasting?

If so, you likely have a ton of questions.

What will be the focus of my show?
Will it be guest interviews? Solo? A combination of both?
What equipment do I need?
How much will it cost?
How much time will it take?
What editing software is best?
Should I do episodes daily? Weekly? Monthly?
What’s the best length for an episode?

I have created a safe space for discernment and learning, and I would love you to consider pulling up a chair to the Steady On Podcasting Roundtable.


  • I will offer monthly group coaching through Zoom to help you gain clarity around the message and format for your show.
  • I will answer and ask questions to help you take the next steps on your podcasting journey.
  • Private coaching will also be made available at the cost of $99 for a bundle of three twenty-five minute sessions.


  • Members of the Podcasting Roundtable will be given one Steady On podcast to prepare for release to gain skills for the production of her future show.
  • Members will be learn to create graphics in Canva, produce audio clips in Wavve, upload to YouTube and Buzzsprout, write show notes, and update posts in WordPress.


A membership commitment is for three months at a time, renewable, and limited to four members.


To be considered for the group, please click the link to apply. Applications will be accepted through September 15, 2022.

I am an accidental podcaster.

In 2019, I started doing Facebook lives with friends talking about books, Jesus, and whatever God was teaching us about Him and ourselves.

Almost three years later, I have interviewed over a hundred guests and built a loyal audience of listeners who tune in to learn more about applying the promises of God to the painful places in their lives.

We laugh. We cry. We share.

And I love it.

Because I’m completely self-taught, I’ve learned some things the hard way. My goal with the Podcasting Roundtable is to help reduce your learning curve and pass along a few things I wish I’d known before I hit publish.

I would love to link arms with you, my friend.