Steady On

A place to find and experience the personal

manifestation of God’s promises in the painful

places of our lives… one small, steady step at a time.


Sometimes I actually think I am getting to a point of academic, emotional, or spiritual maturity, and then something happens that reminds me of how little I really know.

Can you relate?

Through the years, God has done so much for me. I feel how much He loves me, and how serious He is about using my life in meaningful ways.

Yet I still struggle with the challenge of living my life devoted completely to Him.  I press on to learn more about myself and about God, to share what I am learning with others, and to apply what God reveals to me in the course of my every-day life.  It is slow and fast, it is painful and joyful, it is clear and confusing, and it has ups and downs.

But, through all things, I have decided to continue moving towards connection with Him… and so I aim to live steady on.


I am delighted to have you join me.

“Angie tells the truth! Even more than that, she lives truth every day.”

– Danielle Strickland , author of Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future


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