The Ministry Co-op


The Ministry Co-op is a place women ministry leaders gather for a community-garden approach to ministry⋅

If you are planting seeds learning Instagram and someone else is planting seeds learning web design, wouldn’t it be wonderful to swap that learning so your ministry has more tools?

That’s what we do at The Ministry Co-op. Every member of the co-op has the opportunity to learn in places they haven’t yet planted and share from areas they are reaping a harvest.

Each month, we have a growth emphasis along with monthly workalongs and group coaching sessions to help keep you focused and encouraged.

In The Ministry Co-op, you will:

  • Establish a pattern of learning alongside Christian creators
  • Connect with like-minded ministry leaders
  • Discover new skills to put into practice
  • Enjoy opportunities to equip others

 join free in april 2023!
open enrollment may 1-13, 2023

annual membership fee is $99 

What is included in the year-long membership?

  • Daily connection through a private Facebook group
  • Monthly group coaching
  • At least twice monthly workalong accountability sessions
  • Training from guest experts in the field

What are the topics coming up in the Co-op?

  • April – Becoming an impressive PODCAST GUEST
  • May – Growing your skills in COPYWRITING
  • June – Platform-building ALTERNATIVES to SOCIAL MEDIA

Meet Your Hosts

Jenni Elwood

Jenni is an author, speaker, podcaster and founder of The Refuge Women’s Bible Study Community.

She coaches on book marketing, social media effectiveness, branding, podcasting and virtual events.

Angie Baughman

Angie is a pastor, author, podcaster and founder of          Steady On Ministries.

She coaches on message construction, social media lives, organization, podcasting, and virtual events.

What are members saying about Jenni and Angie?

I encourage anyone looking forward to growing your ministry online to sign up for this next step.

~ Angela Catrambone, Blogger


The best part about Angie and Jenni’s teaching is their heart for God and other women shines through all they do. You don’t want to miss out on their teaching!

~ Melanie S. Chitwood, Author, Writing Coach/Editor, P31 COMPEL Blogger


I am grateful Angie and Jenni put together this group so we could encourage one another to use our calling as Christian communicators in a way that reaches our audience and honors Jesus.

~ Julie Ademe, Writer

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