Grow * Serve * Connect

Do you long to build a ministry that honors Jesus?

We see you. Perhaps you’re hesitating to raise your hand or maybe it’s held high. Either way the road ahead may feel lonely, confusing, and you’re not sure what’s next.

We’ve been where you are. The journey ahead contains great and wonderful things—we’d love to walk with you in community as you pursue your God-inspired dreams.

May 3, 10, 17 & 24 from 9:00 – 10:00 am PT

May 3: Building a Biblical Framework for Your Message

Angie will share her Step by Step method to help you create spoken or written messages that are saturated in the Word.

May 10: Successful Book Launch Strategies

Jennifer will help you take the mystery out of marketing a book and share unique ideas to help get your book into the hands of excited readers.

May 17: Intentionally Planning Your Schedule

Angie discovered processes to help stay on top of her busy schedule and reduce overwhelm. She will be sharing her secrets of intentional planning.

May 24: Serving Through Social Media

Jennifer spent the last several years learning how to strategically use social media—but recently tapped into the heart of Jesus through this endeavor. She will share what’s she’s learned to inspire you to serve as you create for social media. 


With an engaging style, Angie and Jenni will inspire you and equip you with practical tools for your own ministry. The best part about Angie and Jenni’s teaching is their heart for God and other women shines through all they do. You don’t want to miss out on their teaching!

Melanie S. Chitwood, Author, Writing Coach/Editor, P31 COMPEL Blogger

I am grateful Angie and Jenni put together this group so we could encourage one another to use our calling as Christian communicators in a way that reaches our audience and honors Jesus. It’s difficult to balance “promoting” me versus sharing the message of Jesus. It was helpful to learn from Angie and Jenni as they encouraged us to reframe the way we think about our ministries. Using the book “Influence” as the backdrop for our discussions helped give a broader perspective of the work I do as a Christian communicator and has given me the courage to share my work in new ways.

Julie Ademe