Steady Steps



Sometimes we feel alone in our Christian walk. We may be part of a faith community, but lack a connected relationship with someone who can help us evaluate our spiritual habits.

In nearly twenty years of pastoral ministry and Bible teaching, I’ve enjoyed lunch or tea with dozens of women who share with me that they want more in their relationship with Jesus but don’t know the next steps to take. It is my joy to offer practical tips for a deeper connection with Him by sharing pieces of my journey and spiritual disciplines that work for me.

We can’t sit at my local Panera and chat, but I can invite you into a Zoom room for a free 15-minute call. Together, we will evaluate your spiritual habits and practices to decide what is and isn’t helping you connect with Jesus based on the five fundamentals of a Christian walk:
• Prayer
• Study
• Worship
• Fellowship
• Service

Using these categories, I will create a safe space for you to:
• Assess your current relationship with Jesus
• Decide what you want moving forward
• Take your next steps

Experiencing a deep connection with Jesus holds the extraordinary gifts of freedom, healing, comfort, and hope. Christ offers that to us, and we only need to dedicate ourselves to knowing Him more.

I would love to help you develop a personalized plan to spend time with the One who calls you by name and claims you as His own. (Isaiah 43:1)



Do you know how loved you are?

Known is a four-lesson study anchored in the verses of Psalm 139 and created to help you remember you are seen, known, and loved by God.

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