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Are you interested in learning how God speaks to us through the core longing of our Enneagram number?

You’re in the right place, my friend. In this podcast miniseries, I am joined by Enneagram coach Lori Young for candid discussions on how God uses our longings to reveal Himself.

We invited members of the 2021 Red House Writers Collective to talk with us about the strengths and struggles of their Enneagram number. Then we go deep, addressing the core longing of each Enneagram number, and applying a promise of God to that longing with a verse or passage of scripture.

In addition to episodes on each Enneagram number, you will find  bonus episodes on typing and mistyping along with an episode on Christians and the Enneagram featuring Enneagram coach, Amy Wicks.

When you enter your email here, you will have immediate access to the entire Enneagram podcast miniseries with additional study resources and freebies from some of our guests.

Thank you for joining us on the journey! I hope you enjoy the episodes.

Do you know how loved you are?

Known is a four-lesson study anchored in the verses of Psalm 139 and created to help you remember you are seen, known, and loved by God.

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