covered podcast miniseries

Heavy feelings weighing you down?

We can cover them with promises in scripture.

My friend Susie hosts the Facebook group, Hope and Help: Just One Word at a Time. When she asked people in that community to share words that made them feel heavy, we were amazed at the response. So many people reached out with words that brought feelings of discouragement and defeat.

In response to those words, and in our mutual love of studying words in scripture, Susie and I teamed up to bring you this podcast miniseries, “Covered.” In the episodes we take the heavy words, share an encounter Jesus had with someone who was in a similar place, and dig deep to find the promise of God whose love and grace covers it all.

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Do you know how loved you are?

Known is a four-lesson study anchored in the verses of Psalm 139 and created to help you remember you are seen, known, and loved by God.

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