About Angie

Angie loves Jesus. Her core desire is to live in fellowship with Him.

Angie loves her family. Her husband, Matt, and her two boys, Alex and Josh, are the people she gets to do life with. Married for twenty-two years, Matt and Angie have made their home in Southern Illinois where Matt contributes his administrative gifts at Southern Illinois University. The boys keep them on their toes by participating in music, church, school and sports activities.

Angie loves teaching. Nothing fills her up like leading a Bible study or sharing a message to a group that is heart-ready to hear it.

Angie loves the local church. She grew up a preacher’s kid and jumped into ministry as early as her teenage years. She has served as a pastor since 2004 and has been involved with the start or re-start of four worship services.

Angie also loves taking trips to Walt Disney World, sipping cups of hot tea, watching old Law & Order episodes, and almost anything with a paisley print.

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A Journey Worth Taking Bible Study

Who were the wise men that followed a star and bowed down before Jesus? Why are their gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh significant? Do their treasures have anything to do with our relationship with Jesus today? This four-week study will provide insight into the wise men and help you consider what they risked in order to search for ultimate truth. Will you seek Him?