Episode 261: Breaking Free From Body Shame

Apr 22, 2024 | Guest Interview, Steady On


Does the Bible say anything about overcoming negative body image?

Heather Creekmore helps us live free from body shame by finding our identity in Christ alone.


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Heather Creekmore is a podcaster, author, and television failed baker. She will charm you with her humor and touch you with her heart for reaching women with the breathtaking truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Heather feels the pulse of women who wrestle with their body image and comparison. She’s tried the diets, exercise gizmos, and expensive weight loss pills. She’s battled the brownies, felt shame over pant’s size, and fought that same sense of insecurity that plagues so many women. Heather has been featured on a variety of news outlets including: Fox News, Huff Post, Church Leaders, Moms Struggling Well, and Good Morning Texas. But Heather is most recognized from her appearance on the Netflix show, “Nailed It” (S1, Ep1).

Heather and her fighter-pilot-turned pastor husband live outside of Austin, Texas with their four children. When’s she’s not destroying baked goods, Heather homeschools her brood of four children, shops clearance racks, and travels. Learn more about Heather and follow her blog at www.Comparedtowho.me or listen to her podcast also called Compared to Who?

Heather’s latest book is, “The 40-Day Body Image Workbook: Hope for Christian Women Who’ve Tried Everything”

Angie’s first interview with Heather can be found here:


Angie mentioned:
Book, “Comparison Girl” by Shannon Popkin

Heather’s interview with Shannon Popkin:



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