Episode 251: The Bible in Context

Feb 23, 2024 | Guest Interview, Steady On


Kristi McLelland shares her love of Bible study and the importance of learning how to read the Bible in its historical and cultural contexts.




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Kristi McLelland is a professor at Williamson College and bestselling author who teaches the Bible in its historical, cultural, geographic, and linguistic contexts. After studying in Egypt and Israel in 2007, Kristi began leading biblical study trips to Israel. Kristi’s trips, as well as her in-person and online courses and resources—including her popular “Pearls” podcast—position Westerners to discover the Bible within the context in which it was written.


Kristi’s book, “Rediscovering Israel: A Fresh Look at God’s Story in Its Historical and Cultural Contexts” can be found most anywhere Christian books are sold.



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