Why is it Important to Address Bias

Jun 16, 2023 | Guest Interview, Steady On


Actors David J Driskill and Andrea Summer talk to Angie about their new film, “Between Mercy and Me,” which deals with racial integration, gentrification, and how those issues can be addressed in evangelical faith communities.



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David J Driskill

is a Cincinnati based singer-songwriter, producer, director, actor and founder/CEO of DRSKL Productions LLC. He is a jack of all trades creative that enjoys bringing vision to life in as many creative ways as possible. He is currently producing content for several companies in the Cincinnati area. He resides in Cincinnati with his wife Hannah Driskill where they love to travel, eat and spend time with loved ones and family. He also wrote and co-produced the original, award-winning soundtrack. Between Mercy and Me is his first feature-length project and lead role.


Andrea Summer

is a Cincinnati-based singer-songwriter, music producer and actress. She is a passionate creative collaborator and mother of three. Beyond her personal music releases, she has co-created and performed in powerful live experiences, such as The Awaited Show (2007-2019). In 2021 she co-wrote and starred in the film Between Mercy And Me. She also wrote and co-produced the original, award-winning soundtrack and score. Between Mercy and Me is her first feature-length project


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