Whenever I have the honor to lead a funeral service for a family who has lost a loved one, at some point in our time together, I point us to Jesus’ words in John 14. He reminds His followers of comforting truths like He will prepare a place for us, He will come again for us, and we will be with Him.

After Jesus says these things, one of His disciples questions Him on how they will know the way. Getting to Jesus seems unlikely since they don’t understand where He is going. Jesus reassures him by reminding everyone listening that He (Jesus) IS the Way. To know Jesus is to know the Way to the place He prepares for them.

Knowing that Jesus plans someday to usher me into my future home with Him brings me peace. While I don’t necessarily look forward to the process of dying, I have no fear of death. I know that being in the presence of Jesus will be beautiful and complete. I do not doubt that my place in eternity with Him is secure, and I am grateful.

But I do get tripped up on the idea that this teaching from Jesus also holds an invitation for my everyday experiences while I am still here on earth. Knowing Jesus and submitting my life to His will is the way for me now, too. Sometimes that seems foreign or scary, but I need not fear. I know Him, He prepares the road ahead of me, and following Him will lead me to the best place I can be.

In recent months, so much of our world has felt unfamiliar. I had a spring and summer nicely planned out that unfolded into something entirely unexpected. While doing my best to be flexible and lean into what God was teaching me, I still had times when I felt uneasy about what all the uncertainty would mean for me, my family, and the ministry work God has given me.

But the John 14 instruction reminds me that I don’t need to be troubled. I can trust and believe in God. Even if my faith feels shaky, He is still making a way for me. He is coming for me. He is truth, life, and the light that will keep me moving forward even when the road feels dark or lonely. I can stand on the solid foundation of that truth.

If the ground beneath you feels unreliable today, don’t believe the lies of the enemy that God has forgotten or forsaken you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a deep breath, stand firm, and remind yourself that you do know how to take the next steps. You do know the way. Jesus is the Way.