One of the most powerful moments I have ever experienced with God came a few weeks after a car accident that left me unable to care for myself. I was sitting at the end of the couch in our living room. Someone had propped me up so I could join the meeting of family members that was about to begin.

This meeting (one of many) was to organize coverage for the next week or so. Josh, our infant, was still staying at my parents’ house with my mother as his full-time caregiver. In addition to that need, someone had to be with me around the clock. Someone else had to be with Alex, our six-year-old, around the clock because the accident had broken both of his arms. And several people were also needed to help take care of meals, housework, getting us to doctor appointments, and other logistics.

It was a difficult thing for me to witness – these people in my living room with calendars open and pens ready for action. I felt unnecessary at the meeting because I felt I had nothing to offer. So once I was positioned on the couch, I requested my iPod. I listened to my music and tried my best to shut it all out. Then, after a couple of pop hits from the 1980s and a country love song or two, the first n0tes of the song “Born Again” by Third Day came through my earbuds. And immediately, the familiar presence of God was upon me.

For the next few minutes, I heard God whisper to me through the lyrics of that song. My heart felt Him quietly say, “Angie, through this experience, you can be born again. If you will turn your face towards Me, I will reveal Myself to you in a way you have never known before. You look around this room today, and you see ashes. Destruction. Remnants of a life you tried so desperately to hang onto. But I have a promise of redemption for you. If you will walk with Me in these coming days, you will find a more permanent something – a joy for which you have longed. It will fill your heart and never go away.”

I was aware at that moment – maybe more so than I have ever been in my life – that I had a choice to make. God was offering me a gift. Before me was the opportunity to exercise my faith in Jesus in a whole new way. Would I receive the gift? My life had been turned entirely upside down, but I still had a choice. I could sit in my disappointment, or I could make an intentional decision to increase my trust in Him. To grow and become stronger emotionally and spiritually.

It was an invitational whisper heard so loudly, I still remember exactly how I felt. I knew something significant was happening. It has been almost ten years since that experience, and I continue even now to take steps towards embracing internal healing and receiving His joy. I am stronger. And I am more confident than I have ever been that I am on the right path. I am grateful for His whisper, and what it has led me to pursue.