Faith is where we place our complete trust or confidence. For some of us, that looks like our people. It is our spouses, children, extended family, or friends. For others, we place our faith in more tangible places like careers, status, money, or material possessions. Through the years, I’ve had faith in all sorts of things like my husband, my church, my job, and the money I had in the bank.

And while it isn’t wrong to have faith in the people we love to love us back, they will let us down from time to time. Organizations have policies in place to protect us in our work environments, but we are still mistreated there on occasion. Our church families for sure should be dependable and safe, but anyone who has dealt with the hurt caused within a church knows that it cuts deep.

Ultimately, all of these things are corruptible and fallible. So where can we put our faith? For Jesus followers, our faith must be in the presence and power of Jesus Christ. We must filter all of our decisions through the belief and trust that He is present, He is working, He is equipping, and He is good.

I’m heading to Chicago in a few days to a conference that is designed to train and grow women who encourage others in Christ by speaking. I will be learning from a woman whose ministry I have followed and whose voice and passion I  admire. When I first learned of the opportunity to attend this intimate gathering with about forty other women, I was intimidated. I thought about how I would compare with her success. I doubted that my gifts could measure up against someone with that level of achievement.

God has done a mighty work on my heart since then. He has, in no uncertain terms, peeled back a few layers of my heart so that I could look deep inside. He’s asked hard questions about where I place my trust and where I receive my worth. Is it from this woman? Is it from my own abilities? Is it from the accolades of the world?

Truthfully, yes, I have looked for validation in all of those things. But I am a work in progress, and I am learning much on this journey. I know better and better all the time, the truth that the most secure place to receive my worth is from Jesus. I must continually turn towards Him for my confidence and my strength.

And so I’m heading to Chicago in faith. Faith that He brought this opportunity to me. Faith that He will meet me there. Faith that He has led me to create the presentation I will share. Faith that He approves of me no matter what happens at the conference. My God is strong enough to hold me. I believe this with my whole heart.

When I walk up to a chair, I never have a conversation with it about how much I weigh and whether or not it feels up to the challenge. I just sit down and trust that the chair will do its job. As we mature in our faith, let us approach God with even greater trust and dependence. He can and most certainly will hold us well.