I guess it is partly my age and partly where my ministry has taken me over the past few years, but right now I am in a season of examining the reasons for the “why” associated with the things I do in my relationship with God. Are there things I’m doing just because I’ve always done them? Things that the church has taught me are the right ways to fellowship with God that may or may not be necessary? I find myself considering things like denominations, polity, and clergy rights in order to search my heart for what really matters and what does not.

For quite a while now, I’ve been studying and teaching on worship using stories and instruction from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. It’s led me to consider some of the rituals that are a part of many of our worship services.  One of those rituals is the tradition of reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Do I truly understand what I am saying and does it mean something in my heart? Or are they just words that I say corporately in worship that no longer move or convict me? Have they ever moved or convicted me?

We begin the prayer with declaring our Father is in heaven and then these words… hallowed be Thy name. Some bible versions say something like… may Your name be kept holy. What does it mean for us to keep God’s name holy? Or to honor His name? I did a little internet looking this week and found some ways people described honoring God. A lot of what I read pointed to honoring Him being about praising Him. We recognize and remember that God has done some pretty amazing things for us. We acknowledge that He can do anything. And we praise Him for who He is and what He has done.

I also ran across a blog post that listed five “t” words that were ways to honor God. I liked the author’s thought on this. His five categories were: time (our schedule), talents (our abilities), temple (our body), treasure (our finances), and ticker (our heart). These categories provide us with an excellent way to evaluate how honoring our life is to God.

I heard a wise person say once that if you want to know what your priority is,  take a look at your calendar and your bank account. Where you spend your time and your money says it all. Because likely that’s also where you are contributing your talents, how you are providing care for your physical body, and ultimately what really holds your heart. All of those “t” categories that help us understand if our life is one that truly honors God.

I want to honor God with my life. My life does honor Him more and He holds more of my heart now than in earlier years of my life. But I know there is more of my heart for Him to claim. In all of these “t” categories, I have opportunities to grow in honoring Him. He is faithful, merciful, patient, and loving. And that is reason enough to increasingly honor Him with my life.