Then, after opening their treasure chests, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Matthew 2:11b

Matthew 6:24 says, no one can serve two masters. Oh, but we try to make that work, don’t we?

The question of who I am serving is before me all the time as I work to strengthen and grow my Steady On encouragement ministry. I am given frequent opportunities to teach, speak, and write. Some of those opportunities are at the invitation of others. Some are classes and events I offer because I feel led to do so.

It’s an enormous blessing and something I enjoy. I work hard to get better at what I offer. But if I’m honest, it is necessary for me to regularly ask myself the question, who am I serving or worshiping as I accept these opportunities? Is it Jesus? Or is it me?

Sometimes I am a hot mess of doubt, fear, and insecurity. Because of that, I can be tempted to smooth those rough feelings with affirmation from others. I have to be careful not to choose the words I write and speak out of a need to meet the expectations of humans. My goal needs to be seeking only the approval of Christ.

Am I willing to set aside my pride in order to move forward with His calling on my life? Am I willing to risk rejection in order to step out and fully offer myself? Is my primary concern radical obedience to my Savior or is it the reception from other people?

Surrendering fully to the kingship of Christ is a process for all of us. Many things deter us from complete devotion. Sometimes our inside issues keep us more focused on self-preservation than on obedience. Sometimes the fondness of our comfort level keeps us stagnant when Christ asks us to change.

Whatever the obstacle, I encourage you to ask the question about your own relationship with Jesus. Do I acknowledge Jesus as my King? Do I submit to His authority over my life? Or do I hold Him at arm’s length for fear that His plans for me will mean I have to let go of some things I have become comfortable with? Some things I highly value right now?

It’s no doubt a tough question. But I am finding, as many pilgrims have found before me, that walking with Jesus is the clearest, smoothest, greatest path of all. Peace.