We light this candle as a symbol of the Prince of Peace…

As I write this, we are two days away from Christmas and I am reflecting on how this Advent season has gone for me. I have been more intentional about practicing the pause these last few weeks than ever before in my life. And I have learned two important things about myself.

First, I must practice the pause often. Like, really often. Like I can get up from my chair after spending some time with Jesus and in about twenty minutes be overwhelmed by all there is to do and working like crazy to control everything. And I need to be mindful that practicing the pause keeps me stable.

Second, I like myself and my life a lot better when I practice the pause. Because when I feel like a crazy woman and I can’t tell up from down, the right and best thing I can do for me and everyone else is to take a moment and center myself. And I need to be mindful that practicing the pause is what makes it possible for me to communicate the love of Jesus.

We have this amazing ability to walk in constant connection with Jesus. And all it takes is realizing that our focus has strayed to bring us right back into fellowship with Him. Having a mindset that is focused on Him is as simple as whispering His name. I’m so grateful that He is that available to us.

I use the word “peace” as an outro to things I write because it’s what I most desire for myself. It’s what I most desire for you. For I have come to believe that Christ’s peace is what we desperately crave in our lives. I can walk through whatever life throws my way if I can experience His peace in the midst of it. And I can experience His peace when I practice the pause and focus my heart and mind on Him.

This year has been a significant one in my life. I live at greater peace with myself than I ever have before and I give Jesus all the credit for that. He’s done a mighty work in my heart these past few months. I know there’s still work to do and I am able to (mostly) look forward to it with excitement. And I can do so because He has taught me that there’s one simple way to deal with all the chaos and confusion I sometimes experience. It is to lock eyes with Him, say His name out loud, and flood my soul with what He freely offers to me. Peace.