So there’s this bizarre little story in Exodus that falls after Moses talks to God at the burning bush and before he arrives in Egypt to speak to Pharaoh. We find it in Exodus 4:24-25. Apparently, one of Moses’ sons had not been circumcised. Moses becomes deathly ill because of this omission. His wife, Zipporah, cuts off the foreskin of their son and throws it at Moses’ feet. I told you it was a little bizarre.

Except it isn’t bizarre at all if we understand the importance of circumcision. All Jewish males were circumcised at eight days old as a sign of the Abrahamic covenant. It was a pledge of commitment and dedication. It was an outward expression of an internal devotion to God. Everyone who followed God followed the Law. And anyone who followed the Law circumcised their sons.

And now Moses, who God has called to lead the Hebrew people out of slavery in Egypt, has overlooked this part of following God. He is doing part of what God is asking. He has packed up his family and is heading towards Pharaoh. But his son isn’t circumcised. And Moses can’t lead his people out of bondage with one foot on God’s side and one foot still in Midian where infant circumcision wasn’t required. In order to answer God’s call on his life, Moses must know, understand, and fully follow God’s commands.

Moses is one of the great heroes of the bible. His leadership is unparalleled. But he didn’t start out that way. He started out a man on a journey whose life wasn’t a perfect match with God’s instructions. I’m actually quite thankful for that example. Because my life isn’t always a perfect match either. I’m what you’d call a work in progress. But He still uses me. He still calls me. He still teaches me. And as I learn more about Him for myself, my life becomes better and better aligned with Him.

What do you need to do in order to know Him better? Take a step in that direction. Read through one of the Gospels. Buy a new devotional. Add Christian music to what you’re currently listening to. Make a decision to connect with Him, learn from Him, and follow His instructions. Then watch how your heart turns more towards Him. Peace!