I had come to the concert to see and hear them. The show had been great. I proudly clutched my new shirt with their logo and their latest CD in my hands. I watched a line begin to form to take photos with them. What was I going to do now?

I wanted to share with them how much their music has meant in my life. I wanted to somehow communicate that God had been using their music to open up places in my heart that I had kept closed for a long, long time. I wanted them to know that I have found healing because God used their songs to remind me of His love, His goodness, and His interest in me. Their music pointed me to Jesus and Jesus was working a miracle in my life.

But this line in front of me was filled with giggly teenage girls and parents holding cell phones to snap pictures. Now don’t get me wrong. I was thrilled to see those teenage girls. When I was their age, I would have been starry-eyed waiting in line to meet Bret Michaels from Poison. I am so glad that for them it was the encouraging messages from I AM THEY and not the Talk Dirty To Me I had played repeatedly in my teenage years. Good grief.

But I’m not a teenage girl. And I didn’t think I belonged in that line. So I stood and watched. I stood wondering what to do. I told Matt I was going to the restroom and I went in there and looked in the mirror and told myself, don’t miss this opportunity because you’re scared of looking foolish. Take the risk. Stand in line. Tell them how grateful you are for what they do.

And so I did. I was the last one in line, but I was in line. I waited my turn and I talked to the band. I told them how much their music means to me and how grateful I am for their ministry. I was not eloquent, I didn’t say half of what was on my heart, but I stood in line and said thank you. And their faces softened and one of them told me how much he appreciated my encouragement. They said, let’s get a picture, and my husband took several. So here I am in this picture with people I don’t know but that I love deeply. God has used them to speak to my heart and I am grateful.

I learned a lesson that I won’t soon forget. Sometimes we have to take a risk to let people know that what they have done or what they are doing means a great deal to us. So today I encourage you. Make the call. Send the text. Buy the card. Get something sent out to someone else and let them know they are special to you. Let them know their life has touched yours in a positive way. Whatever happens, it is worth the risk. Peace!