I often consider the importance of embracing life’s moments only after I have done something for the last time. Change makes me pause and ask reflective questions. How did the last time sneak up on me? Where did all the other times go? Did I appreciate the something enough?

Recently, we separated our boys after they had shared a room for six years. It was time. Our oldest will start high school in the fall and his area is always filled with piles of school books, a laptop, and a guitar. The little guy is only eight and is still happy to have his stuffed animals and action figures spread out all around him. They were ready for their own space.

Even though we’d been discussing it, the day we actually moved them still hit me by surprise. We were getting ready for church on a Sunday morning and we made the decision to get things moved that afternoon. Just like that. Bam! The mood was right. The schedule was clear. The day had arrived.

At one point in the furniture relocation process, I sat down on my bed and sighed. For six years, the boys shared a room. They sometimes ended up in the same bed even. I would go into their room in the morning and turn on the radio to welcome them to a new day. Then I would discover their little bodies peacefully curled around each other. And now that was over. Moving forward, things would be different.

It reminded me that so many moments are remarkably special. Every day I do things like tucking my boys into bed, kissing my husband as he leaves for work, or wrapping my arms around people I care about when our paths cross. What a privilege. I too often rush through these opportunities because I’m already thinking about what’s next. But right there in front of me are the things I long for the most. Relationship. Connection. Love. Friendship. Each time I get to experience those blessings through an interaction with someone else is a special moment.

So enjoy your family today no matter how crazy. Hug someone and don’t be the first to let go. Appreciate the text from a friend who wants to connect with you. Say yes to the event that celebrates someone important in your life. I am finding that the everyday moments and the special moments are actually one in the same. Embrace them today. Peace!