Often times we think acts of kindness are grand, impressive gestures when in fact the smallest things can make a significant impact.  One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me happened in the summer of 2010.  My shoulder had been injured in a car accident and I was unable to wash my own hair.  For a period of several weeks, someone took me to a local Great Clips salon every other day so one of the stylists could wash and dry my hair for me.

One day in the mail, I received a card wishing me to get well soon and along with it was a gift card to Great Clips.  The woman who sent it wasn’t a close friend at all but someone who went to church with my parents.  She had taken the time to inquire about my situation, ask what would be helpful, and follow up by sending a gift that met a practical need.  In a time when I was feeling weak and vulnerable, her gift helped me feel known and encouraged.  I was so grateful.

In that difficult season, her gift reminded me of Jesus’ presence.  It pointed me to His awareness and His care.  She barely knew me then, but she lovingly reached out to me anyway.  Her kind deed touched me deeply, left a lasting impression,  and helped my wounded heart heal.

William Barclay writes that the real witness is not of words but of deeds.  I believe that as we move throughout our day, we have multiple opportunities to positively impact the lives of others with our actions.  For those of us who profess to be Jesus followers, we witness to His love most effectively with what we do rather than what we say.

So I encourage you today to look for what you can do to bless the life of someone else – whether they are a stranger or a friend.  Be confident that God can use all of us in ways both big and small.  What seems like a small gesture to us may actually be a significant offering as it is received by someone else.  Peace!