When my boys get bored on a car trip or in a waiting room, I pull out our “ABC” game.  Someone throws out a specific category – maybe people who have been to our house, sports team mascots, or things associated with Christmas – and then we work through the alphabet trying to put something in for all the letters.

We have a couple of house rules.  The letters Q and X can be anywhere in the word (instead of needing to be the first letter) and we can use our phone for help on only two letters.  It’s always challenging at some point and we usually laugh hard at some point and sometimes we’re actually disappointed when the nurse calls our name or we arrive at our destination because we haven’t quite finished yet.

This year over our Thanksgiving break, I played our ABC game with the category of 2017 areas of gratitude.  Like when I play with the boys, some letters made me laugh and some are really hard even though I am thankful for them.  All my boys get their own letters because they are just worth it.  So much love for them.  I put a few words of explanation beneath some of the letters.  Others simply don’t need them.

2017 has been a year of great change for me.  I’ve let go of some old ways and embraced some new habits.  I’ve launched a ministry after feeling that pull for almost four years.  I’ve soared higher than I’ve ever soared and I’ve wrestled with fears, feelings of inadequacy, and self-doubt until I thought they might drown me.  But considering it all, I am grateful.  So grateful.  I am grateful for the love of my Father who calls me His beloved daughter and I am grateful for the love of the few who stay close to me as I journey through this life.  It is love in these forms that keeps me moving forward – Steady On.


B – Beta Club Convention Trip

*  To Springfield, IL with Alex’s Junior High Beta Club

C – Confirmation Sunday for Alex

D – Daring Greatly Coaching

*  Exercises in living wholeheartedly by Brene Brown

E – Emmaus Team Experience

*  A women’s spiritual retreat weekend

F – Field Trip Friday Adventures

*  Summer Fridays find me and the boys exploring areas of interest

G – Girls Trip to Disney

*  God bless you, my dear friends – so grateful for you

H – Hannibal, MO Trip with the Boys

I – Ipad Game “Hay Day”

*  Time for playing and relaxation


K – Kiddos from Agape House

*  A youth ministry in which I served

L – Lunches with my Sister


N – New Niece, Alice Anne

O – “Overwhelmed” Conference Speaking Opportunity

P – Precept Bible Study

*  And the great ladies of the Tuesday morning class

Q – Quiet Times to Read, Write, Study, and Pray

R – Restarting Worship at DeSoto UMC

*  Working with a team that didn’t give up

S – “Steady On” Ministry Launch

T – Theme of Paganini Piano Recital

*  The evening that took my breath away

U – Upward Basketball Games with the Boys

V – Visiting North Point Community Church outside Atlanta, GA

*  I was so excited to learn the guest preacher was Danielle Strickland

W – Worshipping in Different Churches

*  Speaking invitations mean varied Sunday morning experiences

X – Exotic Nails Salon

*  I took my niece, Cora, for a pedicure before she started kindergarten

Y – Your Encouragement in my Ministry Endeavors

*  You take my classes, like my posts, and follow my page – thank you

Z – Zoo trip with Matt for my Birthday

I encourage you to consider making your own ABC thanksgiving list.  Or write down your areas of gratitude in some other form.  I highly recommend it.  Peace!